Nikki Berry Interior Design

Now located in Brooklyn, New York my interior design journey started in my childhood home outside of Detroit, Michigan when I custom designed and sewed my first quilt at the age of 14 because there was not one in a catalog that I liked.  For the next several years I channeled my creative energy in a few outlets until I was encouraged by friends and family to attend  O’more College of Design in Franklin, Tennessee, where I obtained my BFA in interior design.

In my professional positions and design education I have learned that interior design is much more than home decor.  I am diversely experienced in many design specialities after an internship with a hospitality firm in Tennessee and positions with New York City firms specializing in corporate, retail and high-end residential projects. I am proud to have achieved the only certification that qualifies the interior design profession, NCIDQ. My education is from the south and my experience is from the north. I like to think that I am a designer of modern ideas but I understand and appreciate the traditional roots that all design theory stems from. I am passionate for design,  I feel my duty as a designer is to educate and inspire others to join me in appreciating the arts, the history of it and the symbolism behind it, not just the beauty.korn guest room with client photo


korn res

family room docs.jpg





Birkhahn res


I am fortunate enough to live in the greatest city in the world for design inspiration, New York City! Where every style from every country and every century is just outside my door, waiting to be experienced and to influence me. I am delighted over and over again to open a design or dwelling magazine and see an article about a place that I can go see in person the very next day.  It is a joy to be able to attend the very best showhouses, trade shows, art galleries and antique shops regularly for resources and ideas.

As an independent designer I offer interior design services in the local NYC area as well as eDesign packages to satisfy any need, regardless of where you are.

If you are interested in seeing my design services packet please contact me at:

Cheers! Nikki

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